At the Brewer household...

I figure since I am up so early, I might as well make myself useful and give a general update about things going on in the Brewer family. Since no pictures will be included, I shall remedy big blocks of text with bullets:
  • I am up so early because my darling 2 year old found 6AM to be an appropriate wake up time. She had done so good the past 3 days - returning to a more regular time of after 8AM. No such luck this morning. She about lost it when Adam had to go to work, but I lured her into the kitchen with waffles. She loves her waffles/pancakes. 
  • I am a red head, yet again. The winter, my paleness and blond hair just wasn't working. For those curious why I always return to the color red - I was born with it. 
  • My hair is the longest it has been in at least 3 or 4 years. When I became pregnant, one of my first thoughts was how I would do my hair during the delivery. Long hair allows a lot more options.
  • If not already common knowledge, I am indeed pregnant. I am 17 weeks today. We find out the gender on March 24th. 
  • My first official year in business as a professional photographer was a success! We actually still received a tax refund. The money will be put toward replenishing savings, many, many household projects and paying off some medical bills.
  • Household projects include: woodwork/painting in the master bedroom, new nightstands in our bedroom, Autumn's big girl bed, a playroom in the basement, lamps for the living room, hiding my office cords, curtains in the master bedroom, possibly deck furniture, a new kitchen floor, painting our front door, a new light fixture for outside...
  • We never had much of a winter here. No snowstorm, and no snow fall large enough to take sweet Autumn sledding. We were outside playing all day yesterday. Crazy!
  • Autumn has developed a little bit of a lazy eye - she has an appointment in April to see what we can do about it. We've tried to patch it, but that didn't go over so well.
  • I am really, really excited about the playroom in the basement.


  1. I don't know why, but every time I see an update from you I was wondering if you were expecting! Congratulations...this is so exciting!!
    I never told you, I finally had color put in my hair. Some gray was popping out so I had it dyed the natural color and then had caramel highlights put in. I can't get it to photograph well at all, but I'm loving the change and subtle colors!! :)

  2. Congrats kelli friend! Can't wait to hear of it's a boy or girl.

  3. Sounds like things are going great in the Brewer household! Can't wait to see more posts as you make your way thru the 2012 projects!