Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I can't believe how big you have grown and how with each passing day you grow into a little person instead of my snuggly baby. As a 2 year old, you are all over the place, into everything and demonstrating your likes and dislikes. With the negative comes good, great things. It's wonderful to see how smart you are, the adult mannerisms you pick up, how polite and helpful you can be, and how much you can make us all laugh.

  • You are still my skinny mini, still not quite hitting 25lbs. You are in the 70th percentile for your height, so you and long and lean!
  • Over the past few weeks you grew an aversion to your pants. Within the last week, you refuse clothes altogether. The other night I went into check on you before I went to sleep and found your pajamas on the floor beneath your crib and you, snuggled up in your diaper under the covers. I turned on the heat quite a bit higher in your room, had a laugh and went to sleep. 
  • Size Diapers: 3.
  • It's not uncommon for you to pull out wipes from the package and then proceed to rub them all over your face and hands. What I adore is that following this facial, you run into the kitchen and throw away your mess without any prompting from Mom or Dad.
  • You're so polite - you constantly say "Thank You" when given something or helped. I'll pat myself on the back for a job well done.
  • If someone is leaving, you love to hug and pat their back. You wave and say goodbye, and blow them a kiss. This especially melts Grandpas heart. I find it most entertaining when you are simply leaving a room and desire we all know you are leaving. 
  • If it's a squirt bottle (like Windex, 409), you will find it, and you will clean. Will you clean the right objects? Meh. It's about 50/50. 
  • Bubbles! A bath just isn't a bath without bubbles. You love taking baths and when we say the word, you are up the stairs in a flash. "Bath? Bubbles? Bubbles??" 
  • "Cheese? Cheese?" Note to future baby sitters - she's not asking for cheese from the fridge. She wants her picture taken. She is a photographers daughter after all...
  • As pictured above, she loves Mamma's makeup! "Eyes?" 
  • Still no haircuts since the last, and your hair continues to grow halfway down your back. I have dreams of cutting into a short bob, but I'd miss the pigtails. I am thinking I might compromise and add some layers into it - when I'm brave enough. I just love your long, child-like hair!
  • You are a tad bit vain - you love to watch videos of yourself. 
But, as I mentioned before... with the positives, come the negatives:
  • You get so frustrated that you will hit your face with your fists or beat your head against the wall/floor. It breaks my heart, even more when you then come crying to us because your head hurts!
  • Diaper changes are a challenge. It's either a funny, kicking game we don't want to play, or to you sheer torture which results in you writhing and contorting yourself in odd positions. 
  • You find little joy in being strapped into your car seat. You would must prefer to sit on either side of it. 
  • Oh, the high pitched screams of a 2 year old. This results in many time outs. 
  • When you can't go outside, it results in complete and total system failure. Somewhere you are still not connecting outside = cold, and a diaper simply isn't going to keep you warm.
  • You are obsessed with "Nemo? Nemo?" Why is this in the negatives? Because mamma is all Nemoed out. 
  • You absolutely detest having your hair combed. I would love to do more cute styles with your hair, but if I come near you with a brush or an elastic, I better be in for a chase.
  • If you see someone else drinking soda, and you're stuck with anything else - tears will be shed, screams will be heard, heads will roll. 


  1. Rachel and Autumn are so similar! I guess it's cause they are both 2...mostly the negatives. :)

    I wish Rachel would pick Nemo as "her" movie. I'm getting really sick of Toy Story.

  2. This cute list just makes me love her even more. =)