Cox Farms 2011

We didn't let our failed apple picking experience deter our fall fun! This past week we headed out as a family to Cox Farms. We went last year and I wasn't impressed - I am glad I gave it another try, because it was a much better go around this year. Autumn couldn't walk last year and wasn't able to do much of the activities. It was also much warmer this year - I was wearing a lightweight long sleeve shirt and I was sweating bullets, specially carrying Autumn up the hills to some of the slides... Most importantly we picked a good day to go because it wasn't super crowded.

The best part is that my Dad got to come this year, as did Adam! Adam ended up taking a personal day when his commute to work was going nowhere after almost an hour. It's not often he gets to be involved in outings like this, so it was fun to get to see him and Autumn play and interact together.

It was a great day out with the family and Autumn was completely exhausted when we got home!

Piggies! We watch Olivia on Nick Jr. and she has a few stuffed pigs, so this was very exciting.

Down the first slide of the day with my buddy!

Autumn loved going with Grandpa. After this, I was dead to her. Poor Grandpa got quite a workout!

I was completely paranoid one of the goats was going to buck up and totally take out one of Autumn's eyes.

Ah, the totally random hayride filled with poorly drawn cartoon characters and appliances people were probably going to throw away.


Don't worry, Autumn's in there somewhere. Grandpa and Adam are not THAT interested in Ducks.

I think we'll put this one on the Christmas Card. She was not pleased.

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  1. Those slides look so fun! We really love the farm we go to, but your slides are definitely better.

    Based on the pics, it looks like Adam had a pretty fun day, too. =)