Autumn's 2nd Birthday

I am the mother of a two year old little girl! The question isn't when did SHE get so old, but when did I get so old? A mom of a two year old? Sheesh!

I have a tendency in my mind to do a lot of "what if" or "what will I do when..." thinking at the most random times. It drives Adam nuts, but I'm a planning, and a sufferer of extreme, horrible generalized anxiety. I've been thinking for years how we would handle birthday in our home and I'm happy to say we've handled them with grace, a low budget, but lots of love and laughter. As someone said to me, we want to set the bar low so we can only go up from here =)

Here is a video of her birthday for those who wish to watch, and for family and friends who couldn't be here to celebrate with us!

We had a wonderful night with family opening presents, eating cupcakes and watching Autumn buzz around the house. She loved being the center of attention all evening and was happy to put on a show.

Autumn and I saw this Pillow Pet at Target about a week before her birthday and it was the only one left. I didn't buy it, but I couldn't shake the thought of it a few days later. The night before her birthday I snuck back to Target after she was asleep and to my surprise it was still there! The fact that it was Dora and actually had a backpack you could fill on it sold me! Nevermind Autumn already had 2 pillow pets.

She LOVED it! I totally scored some major mommy points that morning. As she was eating her birthday donut in bed, I snuck down to grab it and she was in heaven the rest of the day. Dora never left her side.

The day of her birthday we made cupcakes for her little party. She was actually a big help. I love having her around - most of the time. Here she was putting the cupcake liners in for me.

This is actually a little seat for her kitchen, but a few weeks ago she realized it made a very sturdy stool to get around the kitchen counters better. She's into everything now!

My cupcakes getting Autumn's seal of approval.

Autumn loves Ernie and the characters from Play with Me Sesame, so I found some examples of cupcakes off Pinterest (where else!) and gave it my best shot. Not my best work, but she knew who and what they were, so I considered it a win-win.

Keeping her away from them until the party was the real trick...

How she even knew what to do with this, I'll never know. She must have seen Dora do it!

This girl loves her shoes! It's not unusual to find her trying on my pairs laying around the house, so she was super excited to get her very own pair from my Aunt Sue!

Autumn loves baby dolls. She loves the little strollers as well and anytime we have a playdate with someone who has one, they instantly become best friends. My mom found this one and a Baby Alive doll to give to her for her birthday. As soon as Autumn saw it, she took off running! No worries - Baby Alive was safely strapped in.

Isn't she gorgeous! My Aunt always finds the most amazing dresses for Autumn. All of her Easter and Christmas dresses are usually gifts from my Aunt. This dress was no exception! We made sure to curl her hair extra pretty and with a few minutes to spare before church, Autumn was showing off her new duds.

Thanks to our family who helped celebrate Autumn's day!


  1. Love the cupcakes!! She is beautiful and her hair is getting so long! And love her birth-date :)

  2. I love the picture of her hugging the Dora pillow pet - pure happiness! Super cute cupcakes, and that dress from Sue is gorgeous! Final comment: would've expected more from Adam as a videographer. =)