The James Family

As much as I talk about our old friends and our old home, we actually were able to make this trip because of Adam's family. It had been a year since they'd last seen Autumn and though the official reason we traveled to Utah was post-poned/changed, we made the trip since the tickets were purchased. It was poor timing, as they had just moved from Michigan (literally - his parents arrived the day before we did and a truck of their things was delivered during our stay) and the house was still in boxes.

However, it was a mostly comfortable stay. We don't see Adam's family except every few years, and it was a good visit. We made ourselves at home and enjoyed showing off our sweet little girl. Autumn never quite fully warmed up to Adam's family, but they did get to see sparks of her silly personality!

Adam's brother Tyler, his step-dad John, his mom, Adam, his little brother Brian, his Uncle Ray, Autumn, Aunt Silvia and little sister Brooke

Adam's Aunt and Uncle also happened to be in town the same weekend we were, so it was a full house. Adam's parents new home was large and beautiful though, so it held everyone comfortably. I haven't seen Ray and Silvia for years (6 I think) and I just enjoy their company so much. I was glad to have a chance to see them again. They even bought Autumn a cute little toy before we left, which she loved on the plane and since we've come home.

A wide view of their home.

Autumn and I went on a few walks since most of the house was in boxes, and she was totally enamored with the house being built a few doors down. She's suddenly really big into all the machines and bulldozers.

At the end of the street there was a pasture with cows. I used to make fun of Utah for having random farm animals in the middle of their suburban neighborhoods but when I went back, I found it charming. Who doesn't love having cows or a horse next door? Autumn thought the cows were great, I just wish they'd have been closer to our side of the fence.

A view of the mountains from the end of Adam's parents street.

One afternoon while the men were unpacking the moving truck, I got Autumn out of the way and we found a nearby park in the neighborhood. Again, random animals in the middle of the 'burbs. I thought Autumn would be totally crazy about the horse, but she could have cared less! She just kept going up the slide, down the slide, up the slide...

On Sunday night the James family had a big family gathering. Adam's other Aunt Lisa from Orem drove up as did a few of Adam's cousins that we also haven't seen for a few years. Adam's cousin Nadia has a one year old and it was nice for Autumn to get to play (and see toys!) for a little while as well. 

Adam's birthday was also just a week away, we had a joint party for both Adam and I (since our birthdays are so close). Autumn was anxious to dig into the cake!

The highlight of the trip for Autumn by far were the James family cats. Well, cat. There was one cat that hated all other forms of life, but she was quite taken with "Mr. Kitty". It was a very sweet cat and put up with her. Autumn is very good at animals, and would just put her hand out and wait, but she sure did chase after this cat and want to be right next to it! Sadly for her, she will never have a cat in her lifetime, at least as long as she's living in my house. The good news however, is that we have been looking at dogs!

"Hey, where ya goin?"

So, despite the overall anxiety associated with travel and a few speed bumps, it was a good visit. Thinking about doing it again gives me the hives, but we certainly won't rule it out! We are so grateful to Adam's family for paying our way out and taking care of us while we visited Utah. We're still so sad and feel awful about the way the timing worked out, so here's the hoping next time will be a bit more organized and stress free!

Til next time Utah!

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