Family Pictures

We're back from Utah! What better way to reintroduce ourselves to you than to remind you how ridiculously good looking we are. =) I only say that in an attempt to be funny and show off our new family pictures!! One of my close friends is a photographer in Utah and when I knew I would be in the area I asked her if she would be interested in doing a trade of each others families. It's not often I get to be in pictures and I really wanted some new family pictures for our Christmas card and frames in our home.

Melanie was game, and after settling on Sundance in Provo Canyon we headed out one evening and exchanged our photo abilities! With the fall colors starting to pop it was a great location. After I took some images of her family, she took some of ours. Melanie is an amazingly talented photographer, especially with children. If you are in the Utah county area, please look her up! Thank you again Melanie - you're the best!


  1. Those look GREAT! And now I do feel sufficiently reminded of how good looking you are. =) I was just thinking the other day about how we need our family pic updated. Maybe Thanksgiving again?

  2. I like your sassy pose in the last family shot you posted here :) Great pics and adorable family, Kelli! BTW: Your hair looks pretty and looks like you are letting it grow out some...

  3. Way cute but my favorites are the 1st one, Autumn on the bench (so cute), Autumn and Adam and then the one of you guys on the bridge. Way Cute!!