F is for Food

When I knew we were traveling to our old home of 6 years, I knew there were a number of fast food places and old resturaunts that I just had to eat at! When we got off the plane (and hadn't eaten anything all day because our layover was so short) there was only one place I wanted to eat - Betos.

Betos is a fast food authentic mexican resturaunt. It's known for it's massive burritos but I love it for their rolled tacos or taquitos. It's fast food, but so dang good. It's greasy, fried and yummy! It was a staple during my college years or late night runs after Warcraft raiding before Autumn came along. Ah, the glory days.

There was a Betos in Salt Lake so we headed there as soon as we got setup in our rental car and made our way to Adam's parents. Adam got a burrito and I got the 3 rolled tacos with cheese, guacamole and rice and beans meal.

I know - amazing right? In Virginia all we really have are chain restaurants and many of the hole in the walls are a bit scarier than they are in Utah. It's these little places that I miss so much! It was just as heavenly as I remembered it.

(It was under construction when I was there, but the inside was still the same and food yummy as always!)

Another one of our favorites was Burgers Supreme, located on the corner of University Parkway and Freedom Blvd. I can't tell you how many times I ate here with my best friend Kae due to it's close proximity to where I used to work in Provo. My go-to was always the "2 Piece Chicken Tender Basket with Fries and Ranch". They must have known I was catching up for lost times, because they threw in an extra chicken tender! And - see that stuff on the left? FRY SAUCE. Oh, sweet fry sauce. Essentially just mayo and ketchup mixed together, but it's super common to find at fast food joints in Utah and people here in the east haven't a clue what we're talking about.

Now, this wasn't necessarily on our list, but you can't exactly get In -n- Out on the east coast. We stopped in one night when we were out and tried to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn't crazy about the fries, but the hamburger was pretty good. I got it "animal style", only because that was the only secret way I knew how to order and if it was good enough for my brother Joel, it was good enough for me.

We also knocked a big ticket item off our list - Tucanos. It is a brazillian churrascaria where the different types of meats are brought to your table. It was our favorite resturaunt in Provo, and better and less expensive than similar restruaunts here out east. However, we'll get into our visit in another post because as much as it was about the food, it was also about the great company we dined with.

Unfortunately, with such a short time in Utah we couldn't hit everything. There just aren't enough meals in the day! Plus, we were staying about 40 minutes north of Orem/Provo so many of our favorites were simply out of reach. We definitely are saving our list for next time - Los Hermanos, The Italian Place, Kneaders...

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  1. I think you're funny, dedicating an entire post to food. =) That said, I was excited to have fry sauce again when we went out this summer. We went to Arctic Circle just for that purpose - to introduce the kids to the wonders of fry sauce...and in dispensers just like ketchup no less. =) I'm not sure they were that wowed...