A Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are a rough day for our family, especially Autumn. She is usually such a trooper at Church despite having her naptime completely goofed up. She's normally passed out in her carseat before we can even leave the church parking lot.

After having a small lunch when we got home she took a blissful, 3 hour nap. The rest of the evening we try to keep her occupied and happy before bedtime a few hours later. Since it's Sunday we normally stay inside and try to do quiet things. After finishing off the last of the popsicles, she was very happy to share some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with Dad.

It's one of her favorites and I have to tell you it is really weird to hug and play with her later when she has minty fresh breath.  I can't remember if I mentioned it, but she found her bumbo in the basement a week or so ago and she still hasn't let me put it back into storage. Her argument is only strengthened by the fact she still fits rather well in it. And yes, she plops it right in front of the TV for optimal viewing.

The ice cream got me in the mood for my own treat - Buckeyes! I had Autumn "help", which resulted in her eventually pouring her cup of water into my pan of peanut butter. She was trying to help "mix" the ingredients, but it just so happens water is not one of them.

Yes, that's my daughter attempting to eat butter. She gave it one good lick and that was the last of the butter sampling.

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