Autumn's Library

I have been working on Autumn's room for the past few months. Keeping my eyes out for good deals, accessories and other pieces I want to add to her room. It's been months, but it is slowly coming together.

A few months ago I inherited a whole library full of children's books from my nieces and nephews. I toyed with quite a few different ideas for shelves. Everything from rain gutters (too much work, labor, cost) to spice racks from Ikea (too small, would have to be painted). I decided on the same picture ledges that I have in my kitchen for my gallery wall. At only $15 a piece I knew they were the only way to go.


I LOVE them. I much prefer a ledge to a book case so that the books face forward. It fills such a big empty space on her huge walls and I love the bright colors that pop against the pastel pink.

Two of my favorite books as a kid - The Magic Grinder and Button Soup!

Like I said, I've been getting things here and there to add to her room. Months ago I was at Michael's with my mom while she was picking up who knows what and I found initial hooks in the dollar bins. A dollar! 100 cents! Unfortunately "U"s were hard to come by, so instead of spelling out Autumn's entire name I bought her initials. Another pass of the pink spray paint and voila! Fun wall decor!

While I am so excited about the changes I've made in her room - it's quickly becoming my favorite - I am totally lost as to what to do with the biggest wall in her space. Our ceilings are so massive that I can't just throw anything up on the wall. It will get swallowed by all the space. I've toyed with the ideal of vinyl but I haven't found anything that really grabs me. Any ideas???


  1. Very cute room! Love the colors and the books look great!

  2. Ooh, I love this!!! I need to do something like this for my girls' rooms. The books are always all over the place and it's totally pointless to put them on shelves in their reach because they just all end up on the floor. Great idea!

    Wall space? PHOTOS! BIG prints! You're a photographer, after all! :) I love, love, love gator foam prints because they are like half the price of gallery wraps and make a nice statement on your wall, minus all of the framing and stuff.

  3. I just love the work you've done in there. The book wall has such visual interest as well as being such a resourceful way to putting away all of the books! Great idea there.
    I'm no help on the other big wall...I have one of these in my living room right now that I'm at a loss with.

  4. So Cute! You've done a great job with everything. I'm emailing you my favorite vinyl website. I want it all!

  5. Love the book displays! I think I'll be heading to Ikea - those ledges are just what I need for Alyssa's room to display her soccer and dance trophies!

    As far as the wall goes, I like the idea of lots of pictures. But not just all photos - you could also do a couple of frames will scrapbook paper inside - different patterns that pull in the room colors. Or cricut a giant A, back it on cute paper, and frame it. Or maybe a few pics of things Autumn currently likes. With the colors of her room, you could do a sepia printout of Elmo. =) Anyway, lots of frames in all different sizes with a variety of things in them to make a gallery wall.