Sunday is a long day.

I've been fairly vocal about how inconvenient our new church time is (and in the LDS faith you don't pick and choose when and where you go - it's serious business). Autumn doesn't even wake up these days until 9 (she sleeps 12+ hours) and is ready for her nap right as we're walking out the door for a 3 hour block of meetings.

So, as you can imagine, Sundays are a very long day. With a goofed up nap, Autumn just isn't herself. After her nap today, she was so sad and just wanted to be cuddled and held. I tried everything to calm her down and finally resorted to turning on the boob tube. She eventually gave in and ended up like this:

If you know my little girl, you'd know how out of character this is for her. Hence why Adam thought these pictures were must haves.

I love her.


  1. I totally understand! Our church is at 1:00 when Paige's nap is supposed to be. Then it takes a couple days to get back into routine. It's always good to get extra cuddles out of them though:)

  2. Poor kid. And poor mom. Those years are hard on everyone. Just keep reminding yourself that you're doing the right thing. =)