Memorial Day Weekend

Can I just say how much I love a Monday holiday? I really think we should start campaigning for Monday to be included in the weekend. Having Adam home and having an extra day to relax was awesome and is just making this week fly by!

This Memorial Day my parents invited us over for a celebratory cookout with my sister and her family. We had BBQ ribs, potato salad - you know, the usual cookout menu. It was ridiciously hot out. In the high 90's with plenty of humidity to go around. I don't remember it being this bad last summer and this weather is certainly new to Autumn. I've never seen her little cheeks so red! I don't think she could figure out why she was so tired and thirsty. She played outside for hours with Diego, Christian and Anthony.

After playing out with the boys in the heat (and wanting to stay cool myself) we migrated indoors and she totally vegged out in the playroom watching Blue's Clues. Notice the little feet poking out of the Poang chair? =)

After dinner the boys returned outside once again. After watching Autumn stare out the front door glass longingly for them, I caved in and braved the heat again. The boys had been playing baseball before hopping on their bikes. Once Autumn saw the equipment was up for grabs, she decided she wanted to play. Of course, I ran in to get my camera and by the time I got back I really wasn't able to capture this super cute moment. Adam was holding the bat and she had picked up the ball, put herself into a little stance, and was trying to pitch to him. It was so cute! I think anytime she picks up on "grown up" mannerisms and activities it is to-die-for adorable.

Autumn found her way into the street and was happy to chase after the boys up and down the street on their bikes, but I thought I'd surprise her and bust out the bike with her seat. Gotta get ready for the beach! The Outer Banks is mostly flat and perfect for bike rides - we do a lot of bike riding! I can't wait to wake up and hit the bike with her. Dumfries, Virginia on the other hand... quite hilly, too many cars and people and on this particular day, just way too hot. We did a few laps around and up and down the street. Afterward I hopped off, Grandpa wanted a turn. Yes Mattingleys, you read that right. GRANDPA.

I am also happy to report that her Hello Kitty Helmet fits snug and is officially doing it's job as safety precuation and not heavy, hot nusiance. We all remember last year, right?

It was an awesome day. With the heat and how hard she played, I don't think I've ever seen Autumn so ready to topple over from sheer exhaustion. We went home and she took a nice, cool bath and hit the pillow hard. The next day we went to the Lake with friends and now more than ever I am excited to get her to the pool and the beach!


  1. When I told the kids at dinner, Jackson and Lauren both said, "I didn't know Grandpa knew how to ride a bike!" :)

  2. I've learned to stop being surprised at the things Grandpa will do for Autumn. =)