5 more days!

5 more days until the beach! I am so excited!

As if I am not busy enough, I decided to paint Autumn's bathroom this weekend in addition to finishing up putting the wood up in her bathroom. I figured I was painting anyway, let's just go all out! No pictures yet. Still a few last touches I want to do that will have to wait until after our vacation.

Oh yeah - I also decided it was a good idea to start painting Autumn's new dresser as well.

Add on packing for our trip, client orders to process, 2 (soon to be 3) weddings to post-process, graphic work to do for my boss, a house to keep clean (by far the most neglected chore), yada yada yada... I like being busy. =)

In preparation for our trip I hit up Target for a few things. Who doesn't love Target? Over the past week or so Autumn had really taken to drawing in notebooks and took a whole new liking to the magna doodle my mom had bought for her ages ago. Taking note, I wanted to get Autumn a full-size doodler instead of the travel size one we have. I found one in their toy section and the next morning it was a BIG hit. She sat on the floor while I made a big breakfast for the whole family for 10 minutes just drawing. She's so cute how she loves to color and erase her many masterpieces!

Is it just me or is that totally a dolphin she's drawn there?


  1. Totally a dolphin, but really, would we expect any less from Autumn? =)

    I can't believe the beach is only a few days away. I'm surrounded by the chaos of stacks of boxes in a new house and too much cleaning and maintenance in the old one. (This was my 15-minute break to avoid going crazy.) Serenity now! =)