Must See TV

It wasn't until a month or two ago that Autumn even acknowledged the TV when it was on. Once she was introduced to Blue's Clues on Nana's playroom TV, it was a different story. Blue's Clues was the first show she's ever been remotely interested in. She's not big on cartoons - I think the colors mesh together whereas with Blue's Clues it's a real person and often times real objects on display. She loves when Blue gets mail! "Mailtime, mailtime, ma-il-ti-me!"

I should note that we're a bit exclusive to Steve in our home. "Joe", I guess that's what they called him, just doesn't do it for us here. Since finding Blue's Clues on Netflix we have had a never ending stream of episodes for her to watch. We limit TV to just after she's woken up and right before bed. Sitting quietly and watching her shows helps wind down the day. Routine, routine, routine!

There's only one other show we watch in this house and that is Play With Me Sesame. It's a collection of the puppet skits with our favorite characters, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, and Grover. Regular Sesame Street is just too boring for us and the educational skits and real people guests are lost on Autumn, aka too boring and she loses interest. When she hears the theme song and Grover shouting "HELLO EVERYBODDDIIEEE!" she chuckles and giggles with joy. Plus, I love the show. Grover > all other muppets. I find myself laughing along with her.

Sitting, watching PWMS with Big Bird.

Autumn gives the show two thumbs up.

This is a very common sight before bed. Fresh out of the bath and snuggling on the couch with mom and Dad for one episode of her shows. It's my favorite part of the night. She's usually so on the go that she isn't much of a snuggler, but when her shows are on she's all mine. I love it!


  1. I'll have to look around and see if we still have any Blues Clues videos. (Of course, they'd probably be on VHS.) =) Joe came on right as we were phasing out of Blues Clues. We never liked him as well either. =)

  2. Those pig tails are just TOO CUTE!