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I send a lot of my cell phone pictures to Facebook for easy viewing. In an attempt not to spam my Facebook friends with the pictures there and also links to the same images on my blog, I usually don't get around to posting the pictures here very often. However, we've taken quite a few cute ones over the past few weeks so here is a collection of some of my favorites!

We went on a family walk after dinner one night - Ernie included. Autumn once again loves any and everything outdoors, so she was happy to be pushed along the lake by our house.
Along the way we found a new playground. The great thing about our subdivision is that there are about 4-5 different playgrounds. She immediately started jabbering when the playground came into view, so we stopped. Adam was very impressed at her slide skills.

I usually avoid these cars/shopping carts, but this particular style was no bigger than a normal shopping cart. To my knowledge it was the first time she'd ridden in one, and she was in heaven!

Following our shopping trip she decided she was ready for the big leagues. She happily played in the car while I read in the front seat for over 30 minutes.

You're never too young to help start pitching in.

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