Valentine's Day

I usually say I hate the holiday and all the expectations that come with it. Still, I end up having some expectations and hope every Valentines Day is the exception and there will be balloons, scavenger hunts and romantic dinners set up on a beach somewhere. There were none of those things but it was probably one of my favorite holidays to date. Because I have been so sick and consumed with just making it to my appointment that morning my mind was too preoccupied to think about the day and what might or might not happen. I thought Adam was just as lost in the shuffle, but I don't give him enough credit. I woke up to a very sweet email in my inbox and after my procedure I had a dozen gorgeous red roses waiting for me at my moms house and a box of chocolates. He'd planned ahead and bought on Saturday - I was so impressed! I spent the day at my moms with my nephews which is something I missed over the weekend. Adam and I gave each other a kiss and that was that. It was a great day.

Here is a picture of my sweet little girl showing off her Valentine's Day PJs that Nana bought for her... while trying to steal my computer mouse. She has an odd fascination with it.


  1. Love how the paci matches her outfit. =)

  2. =) This girl has a whole laundry cycle dedicated to all things pink