Autumn's First Real Snow!

I have to say one of the best parts about being a parent is experiencing things again for the first time with your kids. It's been a long time since I really, really got excited for snowfall. Probably before I figured out why my mom always refused to take me anywhere when it snowed - driving in it blows. However, Autumn has me all excited when it snows. I love seeing how she reacts to new things! For our first real snowfall of the year I was excited to get out there with her. She has no concept of being cold or wet and just loves being outside, so she was game.

This was on our way out to Nana and Grandpas to help shovel their walk and driveway and go sledding! I can say that I totally don't regret the decision to buy a house without a garage and driveway. It took me all of 30 seconds to shovel my walk and sidewalk. I barely broke a sweat that I shoveled our walk and 3 of my neighbors throughout the night as well!

Bundled up and ready to go at Nanas! My mom found those Princess boots at the Thrift store really cheap and they have been so awesome to have this winter! 

Sadly, the snow and Autumn didn't really mix as far as walking goes. She had a hard time keeping her balance and making it out past the first few feet from the garage.

Autumn's first snowman. You may have to really squint to find it. I agree, it's pretty pathetic. In my defense I haven't built a snowman in probably 15 years at least. Next snowfall I'm really going to have to redeem myself. I am an artist afterall and this just isn't reflective of my talents!

I wish I had a better video for you. I edited this footage in Windows Live Movie Maker, which I now despise. It crashed constantly and wouldn't work long enough for me to save my progress. I'd rather just get this blog posted as there are a few waiting behind it, so long story short - enjoy the movie, iMovie > Windows Live Movie Maker.


  1. That girl is just too cute! Now how about posting the video of when you had to drag her back inside? =)

  2. She did have a blast especially on the big hill and I bet she'd like those cars that you put the quarters in like at Toys r us. Pretty sure she'd never want to leave!