Our Snow Day

My microscopic colitis is hating life and I have returned to living on the toilet while puking into a bowl - remember, everybody poops - it is very reminiscent of my attacks before I had my gallbladder out. Though the attacks never went away completely, it is very unusual for them to be this frequent. I'm going on almost every few days here... I've got an appointment with the GI specialist on the 1st, so hopefully I will be able to get some answers.

Despite today being a bad day health-wise, Autumn and I made the most of our day waiting for the mini-snow storm all the weather men had been talking about. I spent the night before at my parents (which was great for a little bit of rest after being so ill this morning) and after I felt well enough to move from bed and get myself dressed, I headed home to beat any bad weather. I put Autumn to bed and started a stew for dinner. Something about being sick and being snowed in had STEW written all over it.

While the real dinner was cooking, Autumn and I prepared many meals of the plastic sort in her kitchen. When my parents were in Hawaii they bought Autumn and I matching aprons! I've wanted one for a really long time, but my parents didn't know that. It was a perfect gift and Autumn just looks so cute in hers!

Soon after our playtime began, Grandpa came over to bring us a shovel and put some salt down on our walk in preparation for the snow. I am so well taken care of! Autumn is always happy to see Grandpa, but was rather suspicious why he was standing outside and not coming in to play/coming inside to take her outside.

My Dad left just in time because shortly after he left the heavy rain and thick, heavy snow began. Autumn didn't quite know what to make of it. She was so little during the big blizzard last year.

Around 5, I decided after my ordeal in the morning and not feeling good enough to eat much else through the day that it was dinner time. I was starving! Although Autumn had more than her fair share of stew, after I went to answer the phone I turned around to see her helping herself to the remnants of my dinner...

This is the 3rd time I have found her on top of the table. She's done it twice at our home, and once at my parents after spotting a can of soda on top of the table. She is so quick too! I barely turned around for a second. She's so smart.

After dinner I wanted to get a head start on shoveling the walk and sidewalks for my neighbors. I bundled up and headed outside, leaving Autumn in her PJs to watch me from the glass door. I did my walk and a few neighbors in a matter of minutes - gotta love not having a driveway. When I walked back up to the glass door, my sweet little girl was standing there holding her snow boots. She had gone into the closet while I was shoveling and practically thrust them at me. It was just so adorable that I couldn't turn her down! I bundled her up really quick (explains the lack of gloves, I couldn't find them) and let her out to play.

She walked around our street more than once and up and down our row of townhomes. She has no concept of being cold. She just LOVES being outside. If a door opens and she's not going out it, she cries. Sure, it was near bedtime (hence the PJs and plug) but she had a blast! She was a big flirt to all my neighbors on our street who were out shoveling their driveways. She was however not too happy with me when I carried her back into the house.

Despite getting off work 2 hours early, Adam still arrived home at the usual time. Traffic was slow and there were a lot of accidents. My sweet husband even got out of his car on the way home to help push a stranded car. It was a mess, but I was glad he made it home safe! He got home just in time to spend a few minutes with Autumn before we put her to bed.

I think the snow has mostly stopped and we saw the plow quite a few times tonight. It was just a great day to stay inside, be sick and enjoy the snow with my little girl!


  1. I'm suddenly in the mood for stew... =)

    Love that crawling-on-the-table kid! I think she knows how cute she is. =)

  2. She is such a cutie patootie!!!