Girls Night

So, as I may have mentioned in the past every Thursday night my mom holds a "Girls Night" at her home. It started years ago - I remember being in college, home from the summer and coming home from working a double shift finding my mom and a few of her friends were sitting around the table, working on crafts and other projects. What started as 3-4 people at different houses has morphed into this huge gathering every week with friends from church, from multiple wards.

Unfortunately not as many people bring things to work on (crochet is the most popular craft) but the house is always full of good ideas, laughs, good conversation. It's a great mix of girls. No kids allowed, no men. I'm one of the youngest that come, but the next only being a few years older than me. I learn so much from these ladies!

This picture was taken by Jenny last Thursday night. When my mom was in Hawaii instead of canceling girls night, those of us who were able to attend went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. We've never done a night out before, and it was SO MUCH FUN. There are quite a few "regulars" missing, but these are some of my favorite ladies in the bunch. After being cooped up in my house all week with Autumn, I was anxious to get out. I now totally understand why some girls drive through rain, snow and horrible weather to make it out to girls night each week.

I love these ladies!

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  1. Time with the girls AND dinner at Olive Garden? Sounds like the best of both worlds! =)