A few pictures from today...

While I am walking in from 24 degree weather and awaiting possible snow tomorrow, my parents are soaking up the 80 degree heat in tropical Hawaii. Yep, you read that right. My Dad was finally able to coax my mom into flying over an ocean! My Dad had some business on the islands and my mom joined him for the trip. I wasn't too keen on the trip (um, visiting Nana and grandpas house is an intricate part of my day) or them flying on the same plane (I think they should travel separately, like the President and Vice President). I'm making due though. I've probably gotten to used to having them to close by and become spoiled by the company!

Anywho, with my mom out of town my sister needed an extra hand getting her boys off to school in the mornings and taking care of Anthony on the days he doesn't have preschool. Overnight I went from being a mom of 1 to a mom of 4! I am very happy kids only come one at a time. Usually anyway.

It was a fun but exhausting day. I love my nephews but they have so much more energy than I do! I'm already feeling me age and it's not good to be saying that at 26!

Here is Autumn and Anthony, ready for school! Poor Autumn woke up at 6AM this morning absolutely soaked from a diaper that just gave up and exploded. In the dark and cold morning I had to completely undress and change her, her sheets and put her back to bed. She went willingly - I however had a hard time getting back to sleep. The boys came over at 7:30 but were out the door by 8:30. I had to wake up poor Autumn to get Anthony off to school, but we did it! How moms do this everyday, I'll never know.

Another super cute backpack from Uncle Jared and Aunt Monique!

Before we left to pick the boys up from the bus, Anthony and I felt we needed to take a picture to remember our "Day 'o Fun".

Autumn never fully recovered from her rocky start this morning so she was not as enthusiastic about capturing the day o fun picture.

So after the boys left (without eating the dessert we made together that I completely forgot about) poor Autumn was ready to crash. I made a quick trip to Target to pick up a better thermometer since ours always reads a different temp every time. I shelled out the money for one of those fancy forehead ones, but I am glad I did. It works so much better! She is running a low-grade fever, so I hope she feels better in the morning.

Funny story - she sat perfectly still for me while I figured out the forehead technique. I set the thermometer down so I could finish cleaning up the kitchen and she jumped off Adam's lap, grabbed it, and pushed it up against her forehead, unsure of what to do next or what was supposed to be happening. She's so cute. =)

Well, that's all for now. I did take some video of Autumn and the boys playing Just Dance, but I am spent after my day so perhaps tomorrow if we end up snowed in!


  1. Sounds like you're hanging in there pretty well - despite the early start and long hours. =) And as far as how moms do the school routine every day? We just live in a stupor of fatigue all of the time. =)

  2. Love your background. And your nephew is so cute! Loved the picture on FB that he made your bed :)

  3. Sounds like a BUSY MORNIING! If we don't have kids soon I'll be having a geriatric pregnancy! Not really, but a friend of ours had the doc write that on her records 'cause she was 34 or 35. I definitely don't think I'll be able to keep up with the kiddos if we wait THAT long :) I'm already worn out with much less excitement in our lives.

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