Makeup Before & After

At some point in my pregnancy I got used to sitting on the bathroom counter or in front of my bedroom mirror to do my makeup. I would get too light headed to stand and I have to say I grew to rather enjoy lazily putting on my makeup and doing my hair on the floor. I decided standing at the sink was no longer for me.

Well, on any given morning if you walked into my bedroom this is what you'd find:

Without fail Autumn has an uncontrollable (and annoying) reflex to dump out that handy white storage basket containing my current makeup scheme. I would pick it up only to have her not so politely tip it over again, reminding me the floor is where my makeup really belongs. I found myself cleaning this up 2-3 times a daily and finding my makeup all over my bedroom and the first floor - including 2 Avon quad eye shadow compacts in the toilet bowl...

So, after my many statements along the lines of "I really need to get some kind of storage system for my makeup" my husband took heed and bought me this handy plastic carrying case for Christmas! I love how thoughtful his gifts are. I probably would have stalled at spending money on this, so I am SO excited to finally have it.

It keeps everything organized and locks into the 3 layers. My makeup is hodgepodge - some cheap (Wet 'n Wild, NYC) but a lot of my makeup gets up there with my Avon, Clinique and MAC. I can now rest easy that it will no longer be swimming in the toilet or stuck under Autumn's fingernails. Yes, at a year old she is fully capable of opening a compact, push button and all.

Isn't is so beautiful (and organized)? Thanks Adam! The best part? When I did open it up Autumn was way more interested in putting the lid back on than ripping into any of the cosmetics and brushes. Success!

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  1. What a thoughtful man! Now maybe you'll keep your sanity over cleaning this up daily!! :)