Christmas Eve Dinner

Since all of her kids have moved out and most of us have our own families, my mom no longer cooks a Christmas meal. For 5 years I cooked a full Thanksgiving and Christmas spread for just Adam and I, so I've started a tradition of cooking for my folks on Christmas Eve. This year I was able to host at our house! We also invited my Aunt Sue and cousin Damian to join us. It was fun to have family close and everyone enjoy the meal - it's so rewarding to cook for more than just yourself, one other person and a 1 year old!

Adam, Autumn and Grandpa staying out of the kitchen and simply waiting to be called to the table!

I ended up turning my table at an angle because I thought we could maneuver best that way. I like having it that way so much I think I'll keep it that way for a while. Notice Autumn's chair? She couldn't miss out on the big meal!

Turkey! If you look closely, you can see where I began to pick at the skin while I waited for everyone to arrive. The skin is by far my favorite part of the bird. We also had mashed potatoes and "Len's Party Punch". It's whatever a lot of Mormons serve at wedding receptions - frozen in a tub and you pour Ginger Ale on it. My mom never lets me get it for Thanksgiving because Red + 16 Grandkids spells trouble for her carpet. I searched far and wide for it since I was hosting this year and it was DELISH.

Add to that rolls, stuffing, gravy and corn. Pop open a jar and cranberry sauce and you have a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner with plenty of leftovers for a relaxing Christmas day. We had apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

Resting with full tummies. =)

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  1. Your turkey looks great! Glad no one fought you for the skin. =)