Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy birthday to my Dad! Isn't he a looker? =)
Even though I consider my mom to be my best friend, I am still a "Daddy's Girl". I love spending time with my Dad, I love how much he cares about Autumn and I love how he is always willing to help me with some kind of crazy project around my house, asking for nothing in return. I love hearing about his work - the places he's been, his meetings in D.C. with senators, traveling to foreign countries... I also love his model airplane collection (for another post...), though I certainly don't understand it. My Dad is so awesome at everything he puts his mind to. I look up to him and see how much I am like him in many ways. He's the best and I am so lucky to have him. Happy birthday Dad!

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  1. We all thoroughly enjoyed the picture of your dad! =) And we agree - he's the best!