Trunk or Treat

Every Halloween our church does a "Trunk or Treat". It was especially fun to attend this year seeing as Halloween is on a Sunday and it really wouldn't be appropriate to go trick or treating on the Sabbath. Normally people decorate their trunks outside and kids go from car to car to Trick or Treat, but because the weather had been so poor most of the day families sat outside classrooms in our meeting house and handed out candy.

My sister and her 3 boys crashed our trunk or treat. It was fun getting their costumes together - store bought costumes are definitely easier and sometimes in the long run even cheaper, but home made costumes are so much more fun!

Autumn was once again a Ladybug - this time we got it right, spots on the back. I would have loved to put the little antenna cap on that came with the costume but I knew she'd never leave it alone or stop pulling at it. Makeshift piggy tail antennas it was!

It was especially fun to see all the children from the Primary dressed up. Can I just tell you how much it melts my heart when the kids call me "Sister Brewer"? I feel so grown up. =) There were some really fun, clever costumes. I love Halloween!

Obligatory family shot!

We let Autumn trick or treat to just a few people. Let's be honest - two adult parents taking their one year old trick or treating? They're just doing it for the candy and everybody knows that when they come to the door. Me? I did it for the photo op of course. =)

Before the night cleared out, I just had to get a picture with my favorite rock star. I'm a groupie =) He was so excited all day about wearing my recycled Geisha wig. At least now we'll know what a Salinas sister would look like one day!


  1. Love her little costume! And her hair is so long! Love the ponytails! Your nephews are pretty creative!

  2. Okay, it's official - Anthony rocks that wig. =) I'm laughing out loud - he's hilarious!!

  3. Where's your Lady Gaga costume?!