It's like apples and oranges. Except in this case, just apples.

Tuesday morning my mom, my nephew Anthony, myself and Autumn made an impromptu trip up to Middleburg, West Virginia for apples. Being the good Mormon housewives that we are, my sister and I were on a mission to can applesauce and pie filling. I'm a rookie canner myself but I am crazy excited to get in on this whole food storage thing.

Our faithful companions - notice Autumn holding little Anthony's arm? It's about a 2 hour drive and I wasn't aware just how far we were going for these apples. Both kids were troopers though!

We stopped at one farm and bought a few bushels of apples. The guy kind of gave us the stink eye when he heard we'd driven all the way from Woodbridge for apples, but we like the drive and the whole "darn on the farm" thing. Plus, you couldn't beat the price. We got a few bushels and bags, marmalade and jams for just over $35. We ended up stumbling upon ridiculously cheap and huge mums at another farm - for $5 a pop. Yep. I saw these bad boys going for almost $20 at our local Lowes! We also got small pumpkins - 3/$5. HELLO. Love West Virginia!

After tackling a few farms we stopped for lunch and headed to the store Gabriel Brothers. My sister in law Monique raved about it, so we stopped in. It had some good deals - my mom was able to get my nephew a Nike jacket for only $20. A lot of it was pick through, but it is usually those kind of stores where you can find crazy deals. After shopping we treated the two kids to a wild ride on a faithful steed. It was broken, so it wasn't much of a reward, but they did sit still for a photo op!

And thus began our journey back home. This is one of my most favorite views ever - Paris, Virginia. I just love how green, open and desolate it is. My dream is to someday live off Winchester Road! If Adam's commute wouldn't be disastrous I would move to West Virginia in a heart beat. There lives a farm girl in me somewhere!

The end. =)


  1. Paris is my favorite view too. Sorry I missed you guys on your trip out here, you should have called--we could have met up somewhere. BTW, I LOVE Autumn's sweater, very good memories, and, if you REALLY want to live in WV, I happen to know of a great house that's up for grabs. :D

  2. I love those kinds of adventures! Looking forward to the applesauce post...and maybe a sample?? =)

  3. LOVE the last picture. So precious!