Autumn's First Birthday

(more pics to come!)

Autumn's first birthday was a great success! We kept it incredibly low-key and just a small family gathering.

The morning of her birthday I started a tradition. Well, I STOLE one. My brother and his family take a donut with a candle to their kids in bed on their birthday. After 3 stores to find a candle of the number 1, I plucked it into a Krispy Kreme and took it into her when she woke up around 9. She didn't quite know what to make of the donut or the crazy lady with the video camera singing Happy Birthday.

In addition to her birthday festivities the gals in my ward at church had put together a Halloween Themed Lunch Bunch. I dolled Autumn up in her cute Ladybug costume (care of Nana) and we made our appearance. I think Autumn had a great time - she loves watching other kids and she plays so well with others right now. Anything to help wear her out for a nap is always appreciated as well!

After lunch bunch I took Autumn to my parents and made a trip back to my house to get the cake and items I needed to finish her cake. The initial plan was just cupcakes but my Dad was very insistent on cake. Something about lifelong resentment from Autumn if there was no record of a cake?? =) It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped but for my first attempt I thought it was a success. A friend from girls night saw the leftovers of the cake, sans the head of Patrick Starfish and knew just what the cake was, so I consider that a victory!!

We had a great dinner at my parents house, just our little family and my sister and her 3 boys. Ribs and potato salad - yum. We still haven't found a single food Autumn doesn't like. She's such a great eater! I don't know why but I am very proud to have never fed her baby food. Maybe that has helped expand her palette?

After dinner it was time for cake! Again, she didn't know what to make of the fire and people singing to her. She couldn't figure out how to blow out the candle either - although really, should we have expected her to? We handed her a special cupcake and let her go to town. What does she do? Fists the whole cupcake and takes a bite of it. She stayed relatively clean. A little disappointing! =)

We headed straight up for a bath and got ready for bed. It was girls night at my moms and I had an early morning meeting so I slept over at my parents. Autumn said goodnight to Adam and went to bed shortly after. The roar of girls night interrupted her sleep, but I am always happy for a little extra time with her at night - that and she's most snugly when she's half awake. For a good 15 minutes I got to cuddle my baby on her birthday.

At 10:56PM she officially turned one. I know nothing really changed and yesterday was like any other day, but she just seems SO OLD to me now. I miss the days where she was happy to be held all day but I love seeing her grow up. It will certainly bring more challenges, but I so much love being a mother.

Well, except when she woke up this morning at 5:45AM - but everything else, AWESOME!


  1. Brycen was very clean on his birthday too. He wouldn't even touch the cupcake. So anti-climatic. Haha. Love reading about your little girl's! How fun and cute family pic!

  2. I thought she did great eating her cupcake...she dug right in. We had to get Diego dirty on his 1st birthday. Your cake was great didn't look like Spongebob's retarded cousin or anything!!

  3. Um...yeah, we definitely need (and expect) to see more pics from this momentous occasion. Not everyone can live in VA and witness things live, you know. =)

  4. it's been a year already? holy cow. autumn is soooo pretty!