Autumn's 1 Year Stats

19 lbs. 12 oz. 
29" Tall

The week of Autumn's birthday I took her in for her yearly check up. It was quite the challenge to fill out the paperwork for our new insurance and keep her contained. Since she's become mobile the last thing she wants to do is sit on my lap. Luckily the other people in the waiting room were happy to entertain her. While one lady had her attention I filled out the form as fast as I could!

The shots were harder for her this time around - she understands the pain a bit more, but she did really well. As you can see below, she was all smiles on the way home!


  1. she is so adorable. she makes me want a baby right now!

  2. Love how happy she looks in the car. How can one little girl be sooooo cute? =)