Tour de Sea Oats Trail

Being a first time parent, I a bit more cautious than I anticipate being with kids #2, #3, and so on but still not crazy like most first timers. Anyway, at our beach trip in June I was too hesitant to let Autumn go on a bike ride (despite my mom being a bike pro, a baby-on-the-back pro, zero to little traffic on flat roads at the beach, etc.) because they don't make helmets that small because the recemmended age is 1 year. Considering I was afraid of losing Autumn because I'd STEP on her, biking without a helmet made me really ancy.

Well, I found a small helmet at Walmart and told my mom that I'd be okay with her taking Autumn on a ride if she didn't mind getting Autumn a helmet. (My mom LOVES to bike ride and is the resident baby chauffeur in the fam) One trip to Walmart and a Hello Kitty helmet later, Autumn was ready to ride!

So.... remember how I said the recommended age was 1? This helmet didn't exactly fit and it was the smallest one we could find, even online. We tightened the straps as much as we could and this was the end result. We need to somehow pad the inside of the helmet to better fit her little head. Still, better than nothing right?

And they're off! Instead of enjoying the scenery however, Autumn spent most of her time looking at the inside of her helmet because it kept falling in front of her face. She also spent a great amount of time doing this...:

I loosened up a bit towards the end of the week and even took Autumn out for a spin myself. It was so much fun. I could have gone for miles and without her helmet Autumn just kept talking, laughing - and trying to push me off of the bike seat with her long legs. Silly girl. Here's to hoping the helmet is a better fit for next year!


  1. I love that she is finally old enough! I remember Jordan's first time. So long ago!

  2. It's a rite of passage for every Mattingley grandkid - the first bike trip with Nana at the beach. =)

  3. She was a real cutie with that helmet on and she loved every minute of it!