Playing chicken with hurricane Earl.

I am currently in the Outer Banks.

If you're completely oblivious, there's a category 4 hurricane currently headed directly for the Outer Banks.

"Earl" is really messing with my vacation.

My Aunt left early. Our friend Jenny and her 3 kids left first thing this morning.

Myself, my mom and my sister want to ride it out. My Dad wants to pack up and leave until the storm passes and has already made reservations at Langley AFB in VA. While that sounds like a "duh", obvious and safe thing to do, have you any idea how much packing and "stuff" goes into renting a house? 

Leaving involves a weeks worth of clothes, breakfast, lunch, dinner foods and every condiment you could possibly imagine in a fridge, beach gear, umbrellas, pool toys, boogie boards, baby gear, etc. Packing everything for the slight chance we might not be able to come back only to have to unload and repack 3 days later if we do come back isn't as "duh", obvious as you'd think.

I didn't wake up in a "packing" mind frame today. I'm on strike.

So, if you don't hear from me in a few days I have perished.

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  1. I can definitely sympathize with not wanting to pack up the mass of gear that goes into a successful week at the beach. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm just surprised your dad hasn't grabbed Autumn and hit the road by now. =)

    If you do stay, I guess you can add this to her list of "firsts." You know...first smile, first tooth, and now first hurricane! Is there a scrapbook sticker for that?? =)