Diego's Baptism!

This weekend my eight year old nephew Diego was baptized and confirmed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

*Note: Our baptisms are quite a bit different than other religions. If you recall, when Autumn was a baby she was "blessed" vs. baptized. Why do we baptize at age 8? We believe small children do not need baptism until they understand the difference between right and wrong. We believe through revelation it was revealed that 8 years of age is "the age of accountability". We also believe in baptism by immersion rather than drops of water on the head. The immersion is symbolic of the death of one's sinful life and a rebirth into a spiritual life and death/resurrection.

It was a fun day - and packed! My oldest brother Jason was asked to baptize Diego so he and his family drove up from Charlotte, North Carolina for the event. Unbeknown to Diego or my sister Jodi, my sister in law Monique and her family made a surprise trip from Cincinnati, Ohio (my brother is in China)! Combined with my brother and his family from West Virginia, myself and Adam, a few sets of grandparents, kids from Diego's class at church, other family friends... It was standing room only during the ordinance itself!

My sister Jodi - proud mama!

Dressed in white - my oldest brother Jason and Diego.

*Note: Another difference in the LDS faith is we have no paid "clergy". The organization of the church is completely volunteer and service oriented. You've heard me mention once or twice before my "calling" in the church is 2nd Counselor in the Primary, or the children's organization in the ward. This is completely unpaid, service. Even the Prophet of our church only receives living expenses for his service in the Gospel. My brother Jason happens to be the Bishop (somewhat equivalent to Reverend or Minister) of his ward in North Carolina. He oversees and directs his congregation according to inspiration from church headquarters in Salt Lake. That's why we are a world wide church - what you'll find in one ward in one state is exactly the same in another.

That being said, my brother holds the Priesthood and has the authority to perform the baptism ordinance. All that in addition to his full time job as a super CPA =)

Proud Aunt!

My niece Corrine helping occupy Autumn before the baptism program began. She was so well behaved and my nieces did such a great job looking after her during the weekend!

It was a very emotional day. I am always filled with the emotions of the spirit at each of my nieces and nephews baptisms, but this one was especially memorable. I was so proud to watch my oldest brother, who is such a great example to my family, baptize my nephew. Immediately following the baptism my Dad was able to confirm Diego and bless him with the gift of the Holy Ghost. All the priesthood holders in my family, including my husband and brothers were able to assist my Dad in the blessing. I am just so grateful for the Gospel in my life!

After the baptism we headed back to my Mom's house for lunch and family bonding time. Sadly my brothers were only in town for one day, but we made the most of it! We spent the day playing outside, swimming at the lake (it went from cool spring weather to 100+ degrees overnight) and hanging out.

Seating was limited. =)

Lastly, I just had to share these cute pictures of Autumn before we left our house for Diego's baptism. Wearing one of her cousins old dresses, she looked SO CUTE! I love dressing her up =)


  1. Sorry I miss it, but you all look great specially Jody and Diego and love your cute baby, Thank you for sharing ....you are all such a good example to us

  2. Definitely a too-fast but fun weekend!

    Autumn looked so cute in that dress. It's only fitting Autumn should get it since your mom was the one who bought it for Court all those years ago. =)