Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

This week you have made some huge changes. In just a few short days you've mastered crawling on all fours and become quite the speed demon. When we start to come after you because you're heading for something off limits, you squeal with delight and make a mad dash for whatever it is you're after. With crawling you've now mastered pulling yourself and standing with some support. Almost overnight! I happened to be in your room reading while waiting for you to fall asleep in your crib when suddenly you became quiet - I looked up to see if you'd finally called it a night, only to see you standing straight up in your crib holding onto the rail and smiling back at me. Time to lower the crib!

The other night I became very emotional when I began to really reflect on how much you've grown and your personality. I knew that I would love being a mom,  but I could have never imagined how blessed I would feel to have such a "perfect" baby. I love spending time with you. I wish I would have known ahead of time just how fast you grow up and change - I look at newborn babies now and it seems like you were never that small!

So that's about it. My days of resting on the couch while you were self-contented with your toys, Spongebob and contained by the step into the living room are OVER. I knew it'd come someday, but that doesn't make it any less difficult. Goodbye sleep, I hardly knew ye.



  1. It was so fun to get to spend a few days with her this week (especially since I couldn't hold her at the beach). I got in lots of good Autumn time! =)

  2. Very sweet Kelli--it does go by quickly, too quickly, and it never slows down. Autumn is lucky to have such a great mom.