This is the BIG ONE: Kitchen Before and After!

If you'll all remember the BEFORE...
(click each image to enlarge)

... and now the AFTER!

am so proud of my kitchen! It was by far the room that required the most work in the house. Here's a quick list of just about everything I did in there:
  • Replaced both light fixtures with a new chandelier and track lighting to get rid of that huge, industrial glass florescent light.
  • Painted the ceiling
  • Painted the walls, including my ever sexy Red accent wall (*note - I dunno who those folks are in the frame. Haven't quite gotten around to putting pictures in there or adding ledges to each side of the large frame)
  • Painted all the trim and doors
  • Painted my countertops
  • Painted and beadboarded my island, added hardware
  • Deep cleaned my floor - it looks better, but it is the first thing to go come next years tax return!
  • Replaced all 4 major appliances
  • Removed blinds and added drapes
I think that's about it. Let's say it all together - my husband is a lucky man. I re-did this house from TOP to BOTTOM and this kitchen is the pinnacle. And I am a lucky daughter - my Dad really helped me out SO much with this project. He installed all my light fixtures and all my appliances (aside from the gas stove which had to be done by a pro). Thanks Dad!!

The best part? THOSE ARE NOT STAINLESS STEEL. That's right. It's "stainless look". I get the aesthetic of stainless without the fingerprints and WITHOUT THE PRICE! Stainless look is comparable or slightly more expensive than black appliances. I am in LOVE with them! 

My work is never over. I still need some stools for my island and of course, some day I would like to replace my floor with tile. You can also see my pile of frames that either need a home or need images. One thing at a time!

am so excited about my stove! I love the industrial look of gas, plus gas is more efficient when cooking. I can't wait to break this bad boy in! Oh, and in conversation last night with the fam we realized that yes - our new microwave DOES have a "potato" button. =) Don't ask.

 We're going to take this long weekend to finally make the move over. It's been a long, long few months getting all the renovations done but I was so blessed to be able to live with my parents. Not only did they help us out in general, but being able to do the remodels while NOT living in the space was so amazing. It's the only way to do it! I will be really sad to leave my parents and their company, but I am so excited to get into my house and start reaping the rewards of all my hard work!!

So that's it! Let me guys know what you think!


  1. LOVE your new kitchen! You've done awesome work in there. The island is beautiful... I paint everything black, so I was drawn to it :) We are also going with the Stainless look-alikes for our new applianes! I also like your bookshelf with baskets...did you buy that recently by chance???

  2. Looks so good have done a great job. You really have a talent. The boys can't wait til you move in to come play at your house!!!

  3. Yes! I got it at Target less than a month ago! =)

  4. Wow, Kelli - I am thoroughly impressed! It looks amazing! Love the red accent wall, too. It all looks fantastic!

  5. Great job Kel! I can only imagine how excited you must be to get moved in, and start using your awesome new kitchen. I love the appliances too--that's the first time I've heard of stainless-looking. That is AWESOME!

  6. I love it! Your talent continues to amaze me!

  7. I love all of it!! You are amazing! I have never heard of stainless look appliances. Could have fooled me!

    Nice work!!

  8. your kitchen looks awesome!

  9. Kelli Good Work. What a cute kitchen. I love the colors and all the little chiefs.