Lowes: Kelli Stamp of Approval

I just got home from round 2 of our appliance delivery. Since we have a gas stove it had to be delivered and installed separately by a "gas pro". Now all that remains is my dishwasher that my Dad has been working hard at. Of course it couldn't be easy - what with new hoses, new fittings, yada yada yada. (My house is barely 10 years old but the technology in it is already considered ancient!)

I just especially want to give a review of my EXCELLENT Lowes experience. Picking out and purchasing the appliances was really easy. Sure, it didn't hurt that I knew almost exactly what I wanted, but they were still very helpful nonetheless. (If you plan on making a big appliance purchase, take a military ID holder with you! My mom helped me save an additional 10% on the already 10% off sale!)

When it came to having them installed, I could not be more impressed. I was only given 3-4 hour blocks of waiting time and they all arrived within the first hour. Each installer was very mindful of my decor and the surroundings. They really went above and beyond - the first installers went out of their way to install my fridge (which I did not pay for) and make sure the water line was correctly installed and everything was legit. He even insisted on removing all the tape and gunk for me. He gave my Dad a lot of tips and info about the dishwasher installation. They were so friendly and helpful!

Again, today we had another great expeirence with my oven installer. He helped identify another few tricks and helps for my Dad to wrangle the dishwasher installation. He even gave us a spare part from his truck, free of charge. He was very careful again to not hurt any of my surroundings (or hardwood). He walked me through the ins and outs of my new stove and cleaned up all his mess.

I would definitely use Lowes again in a heartbeat!

I can't wait to get the dishwasher in and everything cleaned up so I can FINALLY reveal all my hard work in my kitchen with before and after photos! Stay tuned!

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  1. Wish I had a reason to let Lowe's bring me all new appliances! =)