A few more house updates!

Here are a few more pictures showing the progress on the house. I am now starting to see the shaping of a home, which makes me happy. I have faith that someday it will be totally clean and organized! FAITH!

Autumn's closet. These are all the clothes she can't fit into yet. I am blessed to have a generous sister in law and a Children's Place nearby! I plan on putting a hamper in the empty area in her closet, but details, details.

Autumn's crib. She inherited it from 3 adoring cousins who took great care of it! *Thanks Jodi!* I found the bumper pad on clearance at Target for only $5. It's brown and pink and goes perfect (the opposite side matches the fitted sheet)!

This space between the ceiling and the pass through was the perfect space for our Family sign. Just in case anyone got confused whose house they were in during a visit. BREW-ER.

Saturday I finally put together my EXPEDIT 8 cube! It has been sitting at my parents house since a month or so after we moved here. I am anxious to eventually organize all my supplies in here. Someday.

My to-do list just keeps growing. My projects have to primarily take a back seat because packing > decorating/remodeling. Here are the things to come:
  • New appliances (when we get our homebuyer credit)
  • Beadboard, paint and add pulls to the island
  • Scrub my kitchen cabinets
  • Finish kitchen countertops
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Put together kitchen table and chairs, move it in
  • Put up beadboard in master and guest bath with hooks for towels
  • Paint master bathroom cabinets, add pulls
  • Put together bedroom dresser
  • Landscape outside
  • etc. etc. etc.
As you can see from the list above, don't expect my decorating posts to end anytime soon. There is lots of work to be done!


  1. Exciting yet overwhelming, huh? The nice thing is, every little thing is progress and makes you feel good! Love the new things you've done. (Also really love that the light fixture. I'm looking to replace the one over our table, and I just might have to make a trip to Lowes...) =)

  2. Looks good! My sister just got her tax credit too, and guess what?!? Uncle Sam pays interest! She got an extra $400 bucks. SWEET! Maybe that makes the waiting a little easier!