All those in favor, please manifest!

I am so excited about my new calling at church!

It is always a little nerve wracking when a member of the bishopric calls and says they'd like to meet with you. There are a lot of empty positions in our ward as so many families are leaving the area and getting new orders (a lot of military in the D.C. area) with summer on the horizon. I love my current calling, teaching the senior primary girls, so I was definitely nervous.

I should note that about 99% of LDS church leadership (even the head honchos) is an unpaid service - in addition to a church calling, members have full time jobs. For example, my brother is a Bishop (similar to a minister or pastor over an entire congregation) in addition to his full time, 60+ hours a week job. He and his family are definitely blessed for his sacrifice!

Anyway, I was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Primary Presidency!

I am SO excited!
I love being in primary so even though I won't be teaching anymore, I will still be able to interact with the kids. I'll also be able to occasionally teach sharing time so that will help me get my teaching fix. I'll be working under a president that I so greatly admire. She is so sharp and I know that I will learn so much from her and the 1st counselor, one of my good friends. It seems a little crazy to be in a presidency - sometimes I have a hard time grasping that I'm not a teenager anymore!

For those of you that might be confused, there are many branches of leadership within a ward. Primary is the branch that encompass the 2nd and 3rd hour of church (yes, 3 hours!) where children are taught the principles of our gospel and faith. Within each branch is a President, 2-3 counselors and a secretary. They are in charge of that branch and everything it entails. Each counselor is given responsibilities and aspects to oversee. I am one of the two counselors under the leadership of the president who is in charge and delegates how we contribute. 

We are having our first presidency meeting this week and I can't wait to get started!


  1. That's awesome, Kelli! I'm excited for you! You'll do a great job!

  2. Congrats! I love working in Primary too!