Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

You are such a joy! There seriously isn't any other way to describe how I feel about you that encompasses everything any better than that. Whether you are smiling and panting like a dog or being completely fascinated with your ability to blow and spit bubbles now. You are non-stop amusement. I never realized just how much I would love being a mother or how I could totally fall in love with someone other than your Dad.

I am still standing firm that you are especially adorable compared to other babies. No matter where we are, you seem to draw attention. Even grown, burly men at Lowes stop to comment on just how beautiful your eyes are. (Well, have you seen the size of them? They're pretty hard to miss!) I've had people walk out of their way to ask about you. It's not as if I really had much control over just how cute you have become, but I have such pride in the reaction you get from strangers - don't worry, I say "thank you" on your behalf. You are such a little flirt! You just wait for someone to look at you until you flash them your (soon to be) pearly whites. You've started the early stages of teething. Sometimes you look like a little old lady who forgot to put in her dentures, gritting your gums back and forth. That's a positive thing - really.

You still aren't quite rolling over yet. Well - you actually did and nobody saw it... Nana and Aunt Jodi were watching you while I was over at our house painting your room and you had been left in one position and they came to find you in another! I really think by the end of the week you will finally have it down. You still don't love your tummy (I think your big head weighs you down, literally) but I'm not pushing crawling or any real movement too soon! Once you start crawling that means I get to start chasing.

In a few weeks we'll be moving out of Nana and Grandpas and into our first home where you will have your very own room, designed especially for you. While I'm looking forward to more one on one time with you, I worry that I won't (okay, I know I won't) be able to give you the same attention Nana and Grandpa do. They are going to miss you so much! You always keep them laughing and entertained. Whether it's grandpa coming up and finding I've already put you to bed without bringing you down for a kiss (a big no-no) or Nana playing with each of your limbs as if you were a Barbie Doll, I simply don't know how they will get along without you.

At the end of the week all of your cousins are coming to visit and I can't wait to show you off and show how much you have grown since the week of your blessing and Thanksgiving!

Thank you, thank you for being such a blessing to me. I love you so much!



  1. She is such a beautiful baby!

  2. I've been wondering how Nana and Grandpa will fare as well. Thank goodness you'll still be close! =)