Sunday Best

I go all out at church and on Sundays. I believe it's a sign of respect for the sabbath, plus it's so fun to get dressed up! It's important to me to always have Autumn well dressed too - no onesies, pajamas or anything of the sort. Dresses, tights, bloomers, bows... that's how I roll!

Can you tell where she gets her big eyes? :)

My baby turns three months on Thursday! I can't believe how quickly time is flying. Before you know it she will be eight months and on her way to her first trip to the beach!


  1. Having Rachel in dresses is important to me, too! Sunday best was just the way I was raised. Even my littlest brothers were always expected to wear a white shirt and tie. I do, however, put on a onesie underneath her dress. Come to think of it, I don't know why.

  2. I love her little dress! So I'm wondering why you didn't let her wear her hair the way she had it in the "stylin" post below. =)

  3. I put a onesie under everything. I think it just helps keep her warmer in the winter. That and it adds sleeves to all her dresses - I still have yet to see a long sleeve dress. Heck, I was at the store and it was all swimsuit and shorts for kids already!