Some thoughts...

So, occasionally in my private journal I open up a post to my friends to ask any questions they have about the LDS faith. I'm open, honest, and no holds barred (is that the right saying?). I've been really strengthened over the past few months and shared this entry a few days after another great discussion. I thought I would share it with everyone here as well.


I really feel like I have grown a lot spiritually over the past few months. Since having Autumn I have a desire to be a better example for her and I've really tried to "make myself a better person".

I read on the LDS family website an article by someone and it said all of the couples that came in for counseling were couples that no longer prayed together. Adam and I have never been great about family prayer, except before long trips - I always have my own personal prayer, but Adam and I never lasted more than a few days of trying to say it together. Well, since reading that, we haven't missed a night. I definitely feel a positive change in our relationship.

I'm reading my scriptures daily. Again, something that only lasted a couple days. Part of the reason I never really stuck with it is because it's not as page turning as a Dan Brown book... but since making an honest effort I am finding myself more interested and growing inspired with a greater understanding of what I'm reading. Having my iPod really helps me accomplish my goal. I can read it in bed before I fall asleep, in the middle of the night when Autumn wakes up to eat, when I'm watching Raymond on the couch...

I've also become a little more stingy about what movies I choose to watch. I've never let a rating define what I watch and chose to filter based on what I was comfortable with, but I'm constantly checking out the contents of movies and making different, better choices. While it probably wouldn't hurt me to see something with certain language, I also don't feel like I'm missing out by not seeing it either. Probably the better of the two options. Wow. I never thought I'd see the day...
I'm paying my tithing to the T. Before, we were pretty sloppy about it. Forgetting, having to pay it in chunks, sometimes not paying... Every payday weekend I have my check, ready to go. Not going to miss a beat this year. I have such a strong testimony of the blessings of tithing - not paying it was just out of laziness.

Anyway. My testimony has just grown so much since having Autumn. The night before I was to go in for my induction I asked my Dad to give me a blessing and in it he said how Autumn was about to leave her Heavenly Father and join our family - that just touched me in a way I can't describe. I hadn't thought of it that way. I want to create the best environment for her and raise her in this gospel that I have such a strong testimony of.

Things are good. Very good.


  1. Nothing quite like being responsible for another person to make you look hard at what you're doing, huh? =) I was just thinking about this very thing this week. Our high council speaker Sunday talked about remembering that eternal relationship of being literal brothers and sisters - even though our time on earth puts us in different roles for awhile. It was a good reminder of the awesome responsibility it is to be a parent and how much you want to try to do the best you can so you don't fail them in any way. Great post!

  2. You are awesome, Kelli! Thanks for sharing!