Project 365

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a happy new year! Around this time we tend to make resolutions - I don't usually make any because I never remember them throughout the year or when it comes to an end. This year however, I have one that I really think will stick.

It's called Project 365, or "Photo A Day". The goal is to personally take a new image every day of the year and post it. The trick is that you can't empty out your hard drive with old pictures. The photo must be original to that day. I have friends who have done this in the past and as a photographer this was right up my alley.

I've already begun the project at my personal journal that is locked, but I have made the Project 365 entries public for all to view. I've also pulled up the RSS feed so that you can add it to your Blogger link lists to be notified when I update - the goal is to take a photo everyday, not necessarily post them that day!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my project over the next year and I encourage you to start one of your own!

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  1. Love the 365 idea! Not sure I can set the same goal for myself, but I will thoroughly enjoy living vicariously thru you this year. =)

    I love the scrabble necklaces for your class. That's a cute picture! Way to set the bar high for Primary teachers! =)