Jodi's Birthday

This year for my sister's birthday my mom took Diego, Christian and Anthony to "Paint Your Heart Out" where you can paint your own pottery.After convincing them to not paint everything the store had available to purchase, they settled on one large serving platter. I tagged a lot to take pictures but ended up making something of my own!

 The owner of the store was a pro and knew just how to get the best handprints. She painted each of the boys hands and touched up any mistakes after the print had been made on the pottery.


Like I said, I'd originally come as a spectator but was inspired by an example of baby feet in the store. I ended up making a plate with Autumn's imprints. She was perfectly still and content, even while the owner painted her feet with the glaze.


Here is the finished product a week later after it had been fired. So cute! I will definitely have to make this a tradition with each wee little one.

We had a small part at my mom's house for Jodi's 31st birthday. I hope it was a good day - I think she got a lot of goodies and we had a great dinner and cake!


The finished product. The boys were so excited to give it to her! It came out really great. Such a neat idea and personal gift.

Happy Birthday Jodi!


  1. Wish we could've been there for the party! I love the platter the boys did for her, too. And the one you did for Autumn is very cute - love the pink and brown. I noticed on your journal blog that you didn't like how the lettering came out, but I think it looks great!

  2. The dishes turned out really cute! I'm sure Jodi loved it!

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