Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure, it's a week later but that doesn't mean you can't be happy! We had a great holiday. It's the first time in 4 years I have been able to be home with the rest of the family. I enjoyed the break from cooking a meal for two; the only downside was having the share the skin on the Turkey! :) There were 26 - twenty six - of us under one roof for the meal. While I love the food it was just great to be with my brothers and sisters and their kids. I was really sad when everyone went home - it was eerily quiet. I can't wait until spring break to see the kids again!

Here are a few pictures from the week. We also blessed Autumn the week of Thanksgiving so I have many more pictures to come. Expect quite a few posts over the next few days!

Courtney was one of Autumn's biggest fans though she's convinced Autumn only sleeps and eats (she's not too far off).

As I said before, we blessed Autumn the weekend of Thanksgiving since all the family would be in town. Knock out two birds with one stone! Adam was exceptionally nervous but my brothers were a great help. In this photo they are looking up the wording and information on how to get the blessing started and giving him some tips.

Nothing says "we live in the south" like heading out to the backyard to do some shootin'!

Uncle Jared was a great mentor - here is he helping Anthony line up a shot (a BB) towards the Diet Pepsi can.

Alyssa taking her turn taking out one of the pop cans. No squirrels were harmed during target practice.

The older boys, Tyler and Jordan, giving Christian a hand lining up his shot.

And lastly, Nana and Autumn. Nobody gets Autumn laughing and smiling like she does!


  1. Great pics of the cousins--I'm sure Jackson is going to be bummed when he finds out guns were involved. :) Thanks for letting us share Autumn's special day with you.

  2. Thanks for coming! I know it was a real struggle for you guys to get there that early. I definitely appreciated it :)

    Did Joel take his BB gun home to WV? We only could find 2 here. I'm sure Jackson would love to shoot some pop cans for family home evening. Seems fitting in WV :)

  3. Great pics! Can I get copies of your Thanksgiving album? =) Might need to put a few of those up on our blog...