Second Townhouse is a charm!

As most of you are aware, we ended up walking away from our townhouse. After 4+ months of waiting and trying to negotiate, the bank would not budge on an asking price that was $15k more than the appraisal. So, we walked away (a nice way of saying the bank threw out our offer when we refused to come up with money to hit a number they came up with off the top of their heads).

I thought I would be more upset, but I wasn't. I felt comforted something else would come along and there was a reason it didn't work out. That day, perhaps I got my answer! The morning we found out we lost the townhouse was the same morning that another town home came on the market in the same subdivision, on the same street! (Jodi can't get rid of us as neighbors so easily!)

I went and looked through it today and I was really happy with it. It's a completely different model, but the same builder. It's also a regular sale - no short sale, no foreclosure. We are going into this on the same page - we offered just under the asking price but we know it will appraise for much less, as do the sellers. They are already out of the townhouse and are ready to bring money to the table to get out of it - it all depends on just how low they can afford to go and if the appraisal works in everyone's favor. Our Realtor said that if all goes well, we could close as early as October 10!


  1. Definitely sounding like it's meant to be, especially since you already have it painted and decorated in your mind. =) And the new corkboard that you bought at Hobby Lobby this weekend will look great right next to the front door!

    Very cute place - you'll love the fence when Autumn gets a little older, too!

    Here's hoping it all works out...quickly! =) Keep us posted!

  2. It looks gorgeous!

    You're so lucky in America, houses are so much bigger than they are in the UK. I wish we could ever be able to afford such a nice sized space! I do love our house though, saying that!

    Good luck with this one - I hope it all goes through!