Happy Birthday!

I am 25 years old today. That seems so much older than 24, though I'm not sure why. I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished thus far in my life. I don't own any islands or have a bowling alley in my home, but maybe next year.

Behold, my 30 weeks and 5 days photo. I can't believe how fast my pregnancy has gone. I have about 10 weeks left, which seems unreal. I pray we get into our house soon so that I can start laying out what I have and what I'll need. I feel so unprepared! I just keep telling myself that really all she'll need is a car seat to get her home from the hospital, and then with diapers and boob and she'll be living the in the lap of luxury.


  1. I know what you mean about 25 feeling WAY older than 24--just wait until you are someone's Mom too. :) That's when age really starts to feel wierd. Happy Birthday! Do you get to unwrap your table today? :)

  2. :) Thanks Chelsey! Today I finished some shopping for the baby and bought the carseat and stroller in a bundle. I just have to order the bedding I picked out and I should be set for all the big baby purchases outside of little things I don't get at a shower!

    My table is ready at Wal-Mart! I think we are picking it up this week. I wish I could put it together right away! Too bad we're still waiting to hear about the house...

  3. So if the whole island thing works out, will it be available for vacations? =)

    You're looking so cute! Especially to be 25!! Just kidding, of course. This coming from someone who passed the 25-year mark some time ago... =)

  4. haha and a boob. I love it. you look great Kelli!! I miss you both like crazy!! :) Please do stay in touch! and Happy Birthday, hope you got my text!!