Happy Birthday to me!

I have bought a few things for our house here and there since we arrived in VA, but yesterday was our first big purchase.

We've never had our own kitchen table - a bar with stools at our first place (and if we're being honest, we usually ate at the coffee table by the TV anyway) and a furnished table in our last place (again, if we're being honest, we usually ate on the floor in front of the TV). Well, I want to break those habits and put my new purchase to good use!

This is the exact style of table I have been wanting. I've been eying Craigs List for some time looking for the unfinished style of this table that I could re-stain and paint. However, after some shopping around and bargain hunting I found this table for $200+ cheaper than one I saw at Ashley Furniture store, and about the same price as putting everything together through Craigs List, minus having to paint and refinish a used set.

So, with a few weeks to go until my birthday I treated myself. I am trying to convince Adam to ask for a couch or mattress set for his birthday, but we'll see. And in case anyone needs ideas for birthdays, we would love gift cards to Lowes, Ikea and Walmart. I am sure you can't imagine WHY, but there you have it. :)


  1. I love that table, Kelli! Love that it has a bench. Very nice!

    I'll be anxiously awaiting Adam's birthday wish list... I just know he wants that new mattress set. =)

  2. Thanks! The bench was super important to me! I almost ordered a second bench and figured I would just use the chairs around the house, but I thought I would make sure the quality was good before I ordered another bench. :) It's already shipped so hopefully it arrives soon - too bad we have no house quite yet to put it in.

  3. nice table. Having a house is a lot of fun and a lot of work. I am excited for you and Adam for your baby. I love being a father. You will make a great mother.