Temple Lights

Ever since Autumn was a baby, I have been saying we should take her up to see the lights at the Washington DC LDS Temple. And every year, I found a reason to not go. Too much traffic. It's going to be too busy. I'm tired. It's too cold. It's wet out. This year was finally the year we pushed through and made it happen!

Unfortunately our experience just proved why I have resisted taking the kids up year after year, but I suppose it's my own fault for going up on a Sunday - which I hear is the worst day to go. Lesson learned! On the way to the Temple 495 was at a complete standstill, backed up all the way out to 395. I passed 495 and we took a detour, taking the George Washington Parkway up. Once we got there, it was MADNESS inside of the visitor center. I had talked up the different nativity sets for the kids to look at but it was packed wall to wall of people. I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Luckily it was a really warm night (unseasonably), so we ditched the visitor center and after looking at the lights surrounding it, we walked up and around the Temple. Nobody was around us, and it felt like we had the Temple all to ourselves! It was a great Family Home Evening to answer the kids questions about the Temple and to go back 10 years later where our little family began.

Next year - we go on a weekday!

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