Gingerbread Houses!

Making gingerbread houses in December was one of my favorite memories and activities in elementary school. I was so excited to see that the tradition is still going strong! I was very excited to volunteer and help with gingerbread day. The day before, myself and 2 other parents put together about 26 gingerbread houses from scratch. No milk cartons under these bad boys! The kids all went out for recess while the parents made trays full of candies and goodies to decorate with.

Some kids ate more icing and candy than anything else. I don't blame them! Some houses had blizzards of "snow" and others were quite minimalist. All of the kids got to wear their pajamas to school and it was such a fun day. Autumn chose was pajamas she wanted to wear, and while they wouldn't have been my first choice, she and her sweet friend matched! They loved wearing their matching Elf on the Shelf jammies!

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