Veteran's Day

Autumn's Elementary school put on an entire week of fun Veteran's Day activities. At the end of the week they wrapped up the celebrations with a parade and assembly in honor of all the Vets and Active Military families at the school. 

Autumn bugged Grandpa about it the entire week. I wasn't exactly sure what this "parade" was or how comfortable he would be going. I tried not to get her hopes up, but that day my Dad said that he would go. I found out a little more information from her teacher and sent it to my mom to pass on. A little after he left for the school, I found out from my mom that he not only went - but put on his uniform that he hasn't worn in over 20 years! Man, that brought back a lot of memories seeing him decked out. I text messaged Autumn's amazing teacher and begged her to grab a picture for me since I didn't know if I would get to see him in his uniform.

Autumn loved getting to participate in the parade, and even cousin Anthony got to find Grandpa and Autumn's teacher snapped another amazing picture. The parade was at the end of the day, so Grandpa got to bring everyone home and drop her off, allowing me to snap a picture. How handsome he looks! It just blew me away and I was so grateful he went. It meant the world to Autumn.

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