Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

It's been far too long since I last wrote you a letter. I don't just write these for you - I write them for myself, to remember all the funny things that make up your personality, which is always changing. The older I get, the worse my memory gets and each day it seems like you're doing something new that makes us laugh, smile, and sometimes even cringe.

You're such a big boy now! You're so much more independent. You potty trained in three days and gave up your crib without looking back. You've never gotten out of your bed after you've been put into it, but you sure do love having Mom and Dad be able to lay down next to you at night when you need a few more snuggles.

  • You're in preschool! You love your teacher, Mrs. DuBinok, and in a class full of boys, we hear the one girl is especially fond of you! I knew you'd be a heartbreaker someday.
  • Clothing size - 3T
  • Lunch of choice - Macaroni and Cheese, "Eggs" (Sausage Burrito from McDonalds)
  • For a while there, the answer to every observation was "Dats cool".
  • You're very expressive - "I love _____!" or "I like it" when shown something new or in a store. 
  • When you don't want something, you'll wrap your hands across your chest and hold yourself so tightly, avoid eye contact and shake your head slowly. It's irresistibly adorable. 
  • Daddy thinks you're a bit OCD, but you're just fiercely independent. If we attempt to do something for you, which you can do yourself, you'll take it off and redo it. You have no concept of being in a hurry. You will unlock the door. You will close the car door. You'll zip your jacket. You'll make us late. 
  • You love to give kisses. They usually start with a prolonged "mmmmm" until the kiss is complete.
  • Your Thomas Blanket and your Thomas Pillow are a set. You can't have one without the other.
  • While you absolutely love your big sister, you'd much rather stay at the computer and watch train toy videos than walk her to the bus. 
  • For weeks, you cried every single time Autumn got on or off the bus, and you didn't get on. 
  • You'll repeat the same thought, statement or question indefinitely until someone acknowledges you. 
  • Shoe Size - 7-8
  • You're not big on sweets. I think you only had 2 pieces of your entire Halloween candy haul. You much prefer fruits or vegetables to desserts. 
  • The love affair for trains, cars, tractors and everything continues. 
  • You are so gosh darn incredibly smart. You know all of your numbers and all of your letters, upper and lower case. It's been a long time since we "read" books at night. Instead you prefer to silently read the pages to yourself, book after book, or go through each letter on each page and tell it to us. 
  • PUZZLES. You will do ALL THE PUZZLES. It doesn't matter the number of pieces, and it doesn't need an edge. You are so thoughtful and precise when it comes to puzzles. It's such a great quiet activity and I love seeing your little brain work. 
  • Unfortunately, you're wildly addicted to your "pluggy". You were almost completely broken of it and then completely regressed. If it's not in your mouth, you're asking for it. Pretty soon the "pluggy fairy" is going to have to visit. 
  • Favorite TV Shows - Blaze and the Monster Machines (I can point to any random character and you know the name without hesitation, and you barely watch TV), UmiZoomi
  • You love to help. "Brody do it?" "I help?" "Can I have a turn?"
  • You are so sweet, and so kind. You love to share with Autumn and take turns. When she's sad, you immediately run over to hug her and pat her back and tell her, "It's okay Autumn."
  • No matter what you're doing, if there's an option to go outside, you're on board. 
  • You are all boy. Climbing, jumping, getting dirty...
As you get older, you certainly get more defiant. However, you're easily whipped into shape with a time out, which you've never tried to run away from. You always seek our approval, and your face just crumbles when you don't get it. You're very sensitive, but tough when it comes to getting dirty and getting hurt. You never seem to look where you're going or in front of you when you run. But you make us feel like a million bucks every day. You add so much to our little family and we are so grateful for the sweet spirit and gentleness you bring to our home.


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  1. This is so sweet! It makes me excited to be a mother some day.