The Cast Comes Off

At long last, after 6 weeks and 4 days, the cast came off! We still went into the appointment not knowing what to expect, especially after the disappointment after our first visit. Our appointment was much better this time around, with the Doctor personally coming into our room and telling us how great Brody looked, that it was time for the cast to come off, and what to expect over the next few weeks. 

Brody did so amazing, having the cast removed. The nurse joked that he didn't want to hear complaints out of any other patients when Brody was around (seeing as how his cast is one of the worst, most itchy, most miserable and annoying ones to have - we agree). Brody was given headphone to help dull the noise of the saw. Luckily, our nurse was a pro. Brody even smiled up at him a few times, seemingly unphased. I just remember the last time we'd been here, a much older boy screaming bloody murder. Brody handled it like a champ! The nurse even commented that he had never seen a little one do so well under the circumstances.

Immediately after it was removed, we cleaned Brody up under the cast as best as we could. We put on a diaper and I finally got to hold my sweet boy after so long. He was just skin and bones! We touched over his leg, feeling skin we hadn't felt in almost 7 weeks. There was also no better sight than seeing my little guy in PANTS and SHOES! Brody was so excited, "Shoes! Shoes." 

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