Killing Time: The Last 2 Weeks

It was a great disappointment when we realized it would be another two weeks before Brody's cast would come off. Luckily, we had quite a bit to help keep us occupied and keep our mind off things. For a weekend, we got to look after my sister's dog Jackson. Not only was it a great distraction and something new for the kids, but a great test run to see if I really wanted a dog. The verdict? Neh. I'm good. At least for now. Maybe when my kids are older. Still, Brody and Autumn loved walking him and having him around. Brody was hilarious the way he would constantly call for Jackson. I had to get it on tape:

Easter activities also helped us break up the monotony of our usual couch activities with Brody. We dyed eggs (and made deviled eggs, yum. Everybody wins!), watched Easter movies and celebrated Easter with a hunt and at church. Brody wasn't able to wear his Easter outfit like I'd hoped, but we eventually all wore our Easter outfits a few weeks later.

It started to warm up the last little while Brody was in his cast, which made me even more excited for the cast to come off. We were lucky that this happened in the winter, and the warmer it got, the most anxious I knew Brody would be to get and play outside. However, we got creative. He was still able to help Nana with some new planting, and the all purpose (eating, watching tv, being outside) chair helped make playtime on the deck a bit more accessible.

Nothing breaks up a countdown like a road trip! The weekend before Brody was to get his cast removed, my parents and the kids made the drive down to visit my brother and his family in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a quick trip. Just long enough for me to take my nephew's senior pictures. Still, it really helped pass the time and give the kids something new to do and think about. Brody did amazing on the trip and never complained the 6 hours we drove each way. Once he had his milkshake, he was in heaven! 

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