Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

As I attempt to write this long, overdue letter, you're sitting on my lap pushing a train across my desk. It seems anytime I sit down to work, reply to an email or simply check Facebook, you race over to my chair and climb up onto my lap as fast as you can. "Choo Choo?" you'll ask, pointing to the screen. Yes. Many weeks ago, I made the mistake of showing you a train video - and by video I mean someone holding a camcorder as a train passes by - on YouTube and you've been obsessed with the computer ever since.

You're well into your two years and it's begun to show. You see, your sister never really had terrible twos. She had terrible 4s, which you'd picked up on, and so now, you've picked up the proper way to have terrible 2s. From screeching when you don't get your way, to mastering the writhe and go limp when you're being removed from somewhere you'd like to stay or go. However, as you're the second child, we've learned from our mistakes. We've recognized that while you communicate here and there, you understand just about everything we say to you. A simple explanation of what is expected and consequences has gone a long way in the past few weeks and makes getting out to stores with you a bit more manageable.

Perhaps it was a mistake to start with something so negative, because we truly could not ask for a sweeter little boy. You still snuggle in the morning when we pick you up out of bed, patting us on the back and you find the perfect spot on our neck to dig your head into. You love to give kisses, wave and say goodbye to ever store clerk we come across and have mastered the "please" with puppy dog eyes.

Your ability to communicate has expanded drastically over the past few weeks. Just in the week leading up to Halloween you mastered "pumpkin", "spoooookkkyyy", "ghost" and more. Everywhere we went in the month of October, I could hear declarations from the back of the van that you had spotted a pumpkin. "Choo choos" has progressed into "trains". If you're not speaking, you're still very good at indicating what you want, whether it's pulling us by the hand or shaking your head and proclaiming "no". Do you want to go night-night? "No".

A few more things we want to remember:

  • You love to dance! If a song comes on, you'll suggest "dance?" and start to shake your little shoulders and get your groove on. 
  • When you spin around, your eyes go to one corner and never move. It's hard to describe, but absolutely hilarious to watch. It's as if you're trying to look at the same spot no matter how fast you spin.
  • Favorite Foods: chickens, granola bars, mac and cheese, popcorn, french fries, and pop.
  • Favorite Shows: anything trains, Max and Ruby (although I think that one is on the way out), and you have absolutely loved a Bubble Guppies episode that was all about Halloween! 
  • Favorite Toys: Your train tracks! You will lie down on the floor, face and all, and push your trains and cars back and forth. You love to be on their level. 
  • If we drive by a garbage truck, construction site, police officer or firetruck, you'll exclaim "Wook! Wow..." and imitate their sirens and horns.
  • Daddy usually puts you to bed, and Mommy puts Autumn to bed. 
  • When we take Autumn to swim lessons, you always tag along. When she's done, she gets stamps on her hand. One day, you held out your fist, and received a stamp as well. Ever since, you love to get a stamp after swim class too!
  • When we're on our way to Nana's, about 3 streets before hers, you know the landmarks enough to proclaim "Nana!!" and know we're on our way!
  • Despite the lack of attention he grants you, you adore your grandpa. When he's picking up Autumn and hugging her goodbye, you'll run and grab onto his legs in an effort to receive some similar attention.
  • You had so much fun with Halloween that we can't wait to see how much you will love Christmas this year!
  • We've had the van for well over a month now, but you still get excited each time the doors "magically" close all by themselves.
  • You're the product of two technology centered parents. You've mastered the iPad, from accessing apps, closing and opening new ones, volume, etc. You can figure out menus and games with ease.
  • A new trait we don't love (but can't deny it's cute) is that you'll walk up to me if I am holding my phone, state "Mine!" and open up the one train game I put on it for you. 
You're different than your sister in so many ways. You're all boy! You're rough, and tough. You'll fall, scrape your hands and knees and jump right back up, running off not to be left behind. You growl, grunt and throw. You add such a different dynamic to our small family and we couldn't be happier to call you ours. 


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